Align Your Business

As a chiropractor I’m constantly teaching my patients about how misalignments of the spine create a subtle interference that eventually leads to dysfunction and disease in the body. Eventually, if left uncorrected, leads to a countless variety of symptoms and manifestations. 

Along my journey, I came to the realization that misalignments don’t just exist in the body. They exist in relationships, in our mindset, and also in business. 

At this time I was running an amazing and incredibly successful practice, and yet my business was severely misaligned. This was due to the fact that there was so much pressure on me. This resulted in my beginning to wear out, which then resulted in the business not functioning optimally.  It became clear to me that my business needed to progress and realign to attain durability and scaleability, and to ultimately be truly sustainable. 

It should be said that for the building phase of a practice- developing practice mastery requires lots of investment, personal sacrifice, time and repetition, and development of grit and character that makes only forged in the trenches. However, once the successful practice was built, I needed to begin my journey to becoming the CEO and aligning my business.

The first thing I realized was that I could not keep striving to “do it all”, insisting on “wear all the hats”, micromanaging, and trying to control my business and my team. I truly love my work, I have incredibly high performance standards and have always loved to do the work, I even took pride in “doing it all.” 

Yet, I came to realize that by putting so much pressure on myself, I was preventing my team from being empowered and I was locking myself into a cage of never ending duties. This prevented me from having the freedom I needed to step out of my office for vacations or conferences without the office suffering, the freedom to take necessary time to work ON my business and not just IN my business, and overall my mindset had me on a hamster wheel that was leading to burn out.

Align your business Dr Peter Camiolo

I had to take a good hard look at how my business could run efficiently without depending so heavily on me. I had to stay in my lane which enabled my team members to stay in their lanes, where they could shine & excel in what they were best at. I intentionally and systematically relinquished control to my empowered team, focusing on developing equipping and empowering our team so that we were united in vision, mission, values and execution. I found that the better trained and equipped they were, the more efficiently the practice operated. As the team members and I shifted into alignment - suddenly the overall health and function of my practice improved and began to be like a well oiled business, functioning independently of me. 

To align means, “to put (things) into correct or appropriate relative positions.” And to align your business means to come to a place of humility to allow others to rise and shine and to remain disciplined in the lane where you shine. To take a step back and be able to work on your business and not just in it. To create a team of empowered members that are all functioning at highest capacity. 

 Aligning your business is the key to a high functioning and sustainable practice, and is an integral step to becoming the CEO.