What It Means to Work From Rest

To “Work From Rest” doesn’t have to do with physically resting more, but has everything to do with an internal state of being at rest in your soul. 

The soul is defined as, “the spiritual or immaterial essence of a human being regarded as immortal - it is our “inward man” that is unseen and yet this deepest part of ourselves is where our deepest beliefs take root. 

When your soul is at rest you do your work and accomplish your purpose from a place of unshakable peace that is rooted and grounded in the foundation of knowing who and Whose you are.  

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After my chronic workaholism and search for deepest satisfaction through my work led to feeling increasingly burnt out and experiencing decline in my health and relationships, I went on a journey of discovering soul rest.

This journey brought me on the path through deep inner healing where I was guided to address and uproot the soul and spirit hurts and subconscious limiting beliefs about my true identity, worth and value that were creating a state of chronic rest-less-ness. The Holy Spirit revelation about my true identity as a son of God, and my healing process, empowered me to enter into a place of abiding and remaining in rest-full-ness. 

I realized deep down who I truly am, I discovered I was searching for love and acceptance through my work. Affirmation through success felt like balm for my wounded soul, but that material success was only putting a bandaid on a wound that needed to be treated and healed. 

This sense of inner knowing at the soul level that I am deeply and dearly loved and beloved by my Heavenly Father caused profound rest to settle into my

Soul. I was no longer striving and searching to find my identity in my work and I was able to shift my priorities into alignment: God, myself, my wife, my kids, THEN my work. 

I went from working TO rest to working FROM rest. Now I am more effective and productive than ever before because I have ordered my priorities and I am caring for the integrity of my soul. 

I love to work. Always have & always will. But working from rest has been a game changer and I enjoy my work and life  now more then ever before.

Work from rest and begin to experience true prosperity and fulfillment!