Is your team functioning like a well oiled machine

or are you the business owner having to constantly put out fires?

Are your team members happy, fulfilled, and working efficiently in their positions of strength

or are they feeling weary and unable to fulfill what’s asked of them?

Are you, the CEO, able to step out of your office for vacations and other priorities,

and have confident trust in your team?

Do you run highly effective team trainings with clear takeaways

or is there a lot of wasted time and poor results?

Do your team members have a clear vision of what is expected of them

and a means to accomplish goals and deliver results or is there constant underperforming?

Alignment is described as, “a position of agreement or alliance; the act of aligning parts in relation to each other; an arrangement of groups or forces in relation to one another”.  Dr. Pete teaches teams and CEOs Team Alignment which identifies the misalignments in the team in order to re-position and align each member with their greatest strength and highest potential for success.

Achieving your A-Team will bring you AND your team to the next level of success, fulfillment, and restore health and functionality to your business!

Book Dr. Pete to bring the A-Team model to your business and it can include:

  • A-Team presentation  

  • A-Team workbook and breakout sessions

  • Private team training with Dr Pete